Practice Counting by 10s to 100 with The Bean Game

“The Bean Game”, a very popular one for my combined first and second grade, reinforced an understanding of counting by 10’s to 100. Four game boards, each in a different color, were made on 9” x 12” oak tag. A tongue depressor is traced around 10 times on each board.  To play the game, there were about 50 tongue depressors with 10 beans glued on each one, a pile of beans, and a pair of dice.

A child would roll the dice and pick up the number of beans indicated by the sum of the dice. When a player had 10 or more beans, he picked up a 10 bean tongue depressor and placed it on his game card. He then returned 10 of his beans to the pile and kept what was left over to use with the next 10. The winner, of course, was the first one to fill his card.

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