A Sylvia Ashton-Warner Approach for First Grade

In my combined first and second grade classes, I used a program similar to Sylvia Ashton Warner’s approach for those not able to read in a book. (Ashton-Warner, Sylvia. 1986. Teacher. NY: Simon & Schuster) I usually had about 3 in the group. Every day each child would tell me their favorite word which I would write on a card and give it to them to keep. In the following days, before asking for another favorite word with each child, we would go over her stack of words. Often the other children would start to learn the words of the others. After a time, we would use those words to make up a story which I printed a line or two on a page for the child to illustrate. This became her first reading book. Sometimes there were 3 or 4 of these books before a child was able to read in a pre-primer.

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