First and Second Grade Class Bar Graphs

My combined first and second grade children had an enjoyable time making bar graphs using a class list. Graphing allowed children to organize and classify data to be shared with the class.

After an initial explanation about the graphs, we brainstormed all the data that could be used about our class, such as: birthdays, brothers and sisters, favorite school lunches, favorite TV programs, etc. Then, when children had a good idea, each would be given a class list and a graph. The graphs had ½”squares with spaces at the bottom for the data and numbers on the left hand side. They would write, or have help writing, the data before canvassing their classmates and coloring in the appropriate squares.

One time Ruth, a first grader, wrote down different types of underwear. The other first graders answered without batting an eye, but the second graders looked mortified and exchanged the strangest looks with each other, but they each chose what type they wore and didn’t say anything unpleasant to Ruth.

After sharing their graphs with the class, they were displayed for all to see the variations of class data.

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