A Sylvia Ashton-Warner Approach for Nursery School

While teaching nursery school, I read Teacher by Sylvia Ashton-Warner, and was so impressed with her method of giving a child a word each day – a very personal word chosen by the child. One day the children were told that we two teachers were going to pass out words – any word that they thought was very special. They had long-sleeved knit shirts on, and we wrote the word on a slip of paper about 2 ½”x 1” and pinned it on their sleeve turned toward their face. So they could read it. They loved it. Quite a few children got back in line for another word. And then another. Some had a lower arm of 6 words. Well, we wondered if they could really read those words, so about an hour later, we went from child to child and pointed to each word. Each one knew every word. It seemed amazing that they could read those words. And, not only an hour later, but the next day also. A mother told me, and others concurred, that she could not take those words off at night, and then the child wanted that shirt on the next day. Each word had the most meaning for him and once given, he owned it.  It was his word and belonged to no other.

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