Parquetry Blocks Activity Cards

In my combined first and second grade classroom, besides using parquetry blocks to create original designs,  nine activity cards were used that were made in cardboard, 4 ½” x 14”. The first card was simple with each progressing card more complicated than the previous one. The purpose was to see if the pattern could be continued. A child could place the appropriate parquetry blocks on the card and then continue on or just create the pattern.

For each card, the Parquetry Blocks go in a row from the left of a card to the right:

The following sequence of cards was made in color.

1. Two alternating shapes and colors

2. Three alternating shapes and colors

3. Two alternating shapes and colors, position rotated 1800

4. One shape, three colors, three positions

5. One shape, three colors, four positions

6. Two shapes, three colors, four positions

7. A tessellation

8. Several pieces of one color blending to make one shape with edges distinctive

9. Several pieces of one color blending to make one shape with edges indistinct

Either using the design cards or creating their own designs offered opportunities for becoming aware of transformations, spatial relationships, logical thinking, and problem solving.

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