Poems for Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day cards

For Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day cards, my combined first and second grade classes wrote poems to be inserted in a decorated card. First we talked a great deal about using special words and phrases to show feelings and warmth and lots of care. Then we brainstormed for words to be written on the blackboard. Children were free to use any of those words or none at all, but most important was to say loving and caring things to their parents. This was not a time to write unkind thoughts. It was true that sometimes they felt angry, but this is not the time to express it, only a time for warm and sunny thoughts.

After each wrote their poem in a narrative form, using their exact words I rewrote each one in a poetical form, except for a few who could do it themselves. My rewritten one placed their sentences in short lines which they then copied as their final draft. They decorated the front of a folded 9” x 12” oak tag cover. With the undecorated side flat, the poem was stapled on the left side. When folded, the top piece was the front of the decorated card and when opened, displayed the poem as written.

Some poems were short and others very long. The following is a Thanksgiving poem expressing thoughts gleaned from many and typical of most:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m thankful for:

All the hugs and kisses,

For buying me things like

My new bike and toys

And all my clothes and food

And taking me to the movies.

I’m thankful for:

You taking care of me

When I am sick

And when you cheer me up.

Thank you for giving me

Warm fuzzies

When I have cold pricklies.

And thank you for your love.

I love you lots.


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